Tuomas Jomppanen

Hi, I'm Tuomas 👋

I'm a technology enthustiast and a programmer.

I love solving problems that end up looking a lot like a product or a service. I use Ruby on Rails because for me, it's the fastest way to minimal viable products for the web.

Yes, it scales. Beware the dangers of premature optimization.

My first computer was in fact Spectravideo 328 but I got Commodore 64 bit later. So technically, I was Spectravideo 328 kid first, but then I reinvented myself as Commodore 64 kid. It's bit weird, Commodore 64 had inferior programming tooling and programming manuals but it was still the most popular 8-bit computer.

Since then, I have been writing code pretty much every day.

Here are some of my sideprojects

My latest blog posts

Looks like I haven't written anything for few years. I am a text-book example of the mythical aspiring blogger. I'm constantly trying to reignite my blogger self.

Here are my five latest blog posts.

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